Alright, let’s discuss the journey.


So I left St. John’s at 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, flew to Toronto, flew back across the country to Paris on the biggest jet I have ever seen, took a cab downtown to Mont Parnasse train station, then hopped on a four hour train to Lorient. I arrived there at 7 p.m. The next day.


I was rather proud of myself for travelling so far alone, and without any complications. I remember being uncontrollably exhilarated while landing in Paris: I never thought I would be back to Europe again so soon. In fact, travelling alone might have been my favourite part of the trip… I don’t know why exactly. Of course, when I got off the train in Lorient, there was no trace of English anywhere I got completely lost for about an hour. I was miserable and tired.


Finally, I found one of my coworkers and he brought me to my apartment. I love it! It has a very distinct “beach” feeling. Everything is white and pristine. Too clean. I have two patios: one in my bedroom, and one in the living room. I was basking in delirium. I stripped down naked, ate some supper, then lounged around on the patio. Not naked. You get the point.


Unfortunately, the apartment has no alarm clock, so I barely slept a wink that night in fear that I would miss my ride to work in the morning. Other things I forgot to pack: a hair brush, an appropriate voltage converter, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc.


Work has been… overwhelming. I was so tired after the first day that I could barely function. These people are brilliant engineers, and I’m afraid I find it extremely difficult to keep up. But I will kick ass, and I will kick it good. Good and hard. Everyone has been incredibly nice and accommodating. The same guy who took me to the beach last night also took me to pick up some groceries on Monday. Another ordeal. I needed a token to use a shopping cart, I had to buy my own shopping bags, and I had to weigh and price tag my own fruit. Madness! Just kidding. I actually love the grocery bag rule.


I find it difficult to update because most evenings I don’t get home until 8 or later, and by then I am exhausted and ravenous. My coworkers are machines, they just want to work all the time. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to explore more this weekend. In the meantime, I need to learn some hardcore French. I took a walk this evening around the area of my apartment. There’s dozens upon dozens of boats just outside my window. I might steal one.