It’s my last evening in Lorient, and despite spending at least 1/3 of the past two weeks in a bored stupor, I’m going to miss this little town. And MFM Pop radio. And my complete disregard to calorie content (oh my God the crème brouille!). It may also be my neurotic tendency to await the IMPENDING DOOM and prolong travel plans as long as possible.


I hired a woman from Canada to show me around Paris. She charges a pretty penny, but it will be one-on-one, and I will have a nice introduction to the city. I Googled her name and she seems pretty legit, has a bunch of articles published about her, etc. But if I do not sign onto MSN tomorrow evening around midnight, you can guess that I’m in a burlap sack somewhere. Anyway, SUPER pumped about it. I have no money left for my vacation next month, but whatev.


So yes, had another lovely evening with The Boy. I still don’t know what he expects of me, but the whole office suspects our little “romance.” At lunch yesterday, someone asked me if I had been to a restaurant yet. I said I hadn’t, and wasn’t sure how to say that me and The Boy had reservations that night.


But then my co-worker turned to the boy and said: “Ah! What are you doing?! Not showing her anything?”


So I had to say, “Actually, we’re going to a place tonight…”

And I blushed and he blushed and the men laughed and I pretended to really enjoy the egg and chicken sandwich.


We had a conversation over supper about how he thinks it’s sexy when English girls try to speak French. I never thought about it that way before… that I’m something exotic? Geez Louise. I should have been using this to my full advantage.


I also went shopping today and found a lovely mall. Why oh why no one informed me of this earlier is beyond me…although I guess they were doing me a favour, because now even my lifelong savings are depleted.


Pictures. I thought the shipwreck was poetic, turns out it’s just a shipwreck.


This is Banque Populaire, the fastest racing boat in the world (?). My boss tried to explain it to me, but I don’t know the details. Check out that freaking massive sail though; it towers over the submarine base. The submarine base is basically the only building that remained standing after WWII bombed the shit out of Lorient. It’s also ugly as hell.

SIDE NOTE: Two days later I realized that Banque Populaire is actually a popular bank in France (who knew?). They’re a sponsor. I’m just a moron and I have no idea what the boat’s real name is.