I devoured the last of my chocolate easter bunny, much to the horror of my roommate who then pointed out the mouse droppings in my cupboard and a packet of oatmeal nibbled to pieces by rodents. Then I went to my Girl Guides meeting at the senior care home, and proceeded to make bookmarks with the elderly. I feel like I have reached some sort of understanding with the kids: by inventing my fake ex-boyfriend, they now respect me. I even considered going to camp in a few weeks, although I don’t know if I have enough moral fibre to dedicate my weekend to children rather than beer.

Wtf was I thinking?

On the other hand, if I can get a position with the Rangers next year, I may take it. I mean, they go winter camping. How badass is that?

Anyway, the real point of this post was to point some attention to CONTEXT TRAVEL, the travel group where I hired my guide, Lily. They do a range of tours, including one-on-one and family tours, and they mostly focus on “intellectual walks.” I love this idea. I love that they will build a tour around your own personal needs, rather than hoard you into a bus with 50 other strangers and feed you the same shit they feed everyone else. With Lily, I could feel her genuine passion for the city. She was practically radiating passion. We bonded over gelato and crepes, how often do you get the opportunity to do that with a guide? So I just wanted to give Mad Propz to Context Travel, they were worth every penny (but it’d be great if I could have those pennies back now, please?).