I can’t think of a better night than one filled with tumbling acrobats, muscular fire-dancers, and Asian contortionists. Cirque du Soleil’s Allegria was like a sensory overload. The pastel colours of the set infused with the hues of the costumes, the chirping birds in the background, the incredible music, the taste of cotton candy…well the cotton candy came separately, but my gawd the whole experience made my toes curl.


Seriously though, can I get a date with a contortionist? A man that can fold himself in half? I could seriously find a use for that.


Jagerbomb was my lovely escort for the evening. We literally had chills the entire time. We both agreed that the ribbon lady with the hula-hoops was our favourite act…I think maybe the contortionists and the crazy swinging acrobats were more jaw-dropping, but there was just something about that ribbon lady. She commanded our attention so perfectly and she was the most beautiful, graceful woman I have ever seen, whereas some of the others were just downright creepy. Especially the wide-hipped monster thingies with the giant noses and dinosaur tails. Wow.


I am on such a life high right now. The whole time I was wishing that my family could witness the performance…Lil bro would be beside himself. I’m beside myself. I want to be a gymnast! A clown! A twirling acrobat! Hell I’d even be a props person if I could just travel with a crew like that. I wonder what they do off stage?