1. Today I wore my shirt backwards. ALL DAY.

2. Two nights ago I walked out of my room to replace my towel in the bathroom, completely naked. Just strolled right out there in the hallway, naked as a j-bird. The roommates were downstairs, fortunately.


I’m too tired for the blogging world today. I just wasted four hours wandering aimlessly around the mall, trying to find rubber boots and a flashlight for camping. I decided to borrow rubber boots from Ani but I still have no flashlight. There were sales everywhere and I searched for a nice, pleated skirt, but to no avail. I’m in the middle of the Shopaholic series, and while reading the book today, warning bells started going off in my head. ALERT ALERT THIS CRAZY BITCH IS JUST LIKE YOU.


I ended up feeling too guilty to buy anything new, even though there’s a bajillion things I need. “Need.” Like a raincoat, some dressy sandals, matching jewellery for my Johnny Ruth dress. And I have yet to make a payment on my bed. My lovely amazing bed. Oh, then there’s the curtains for my bedroom, the wall tattoo for my headboard, and the candelabra for my fireplace…


And the puppy.


What I’m really trying to say is that my bills are creeping up on me and I expect them to soon kick me in the box. I’m in the middle of trying to write a decent article to be published or something, but there’s just no time. Never mind the fact I jumped on the wrong fucking bus tonight, and somehow turned a 15 minute ride into a 90 minute ride. WILL SOMEONE PAY ME TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS?