Farewell, friends.


I am about to journey into the wilderness, with 20 or more children, and a handful of adults. All of whom have more moral fibre than I ever hope to possess.


I will be without a phone, Internet, or showers. I will be without make-up.


Most importantly, I will be without booze.


And I can tell you that, when all the other leaders and girls are asleep, and I’m attempting to text my drunken friends from inside my sleeping bag, or reading a book with a flashlight, the one thought that will be constantly racing through my head will be why didn’t I bring a fucking flask?


I’ve given up fretting about this. Instead, I’m going to embrace this camping trip for all it’s worth: a weekend of detox. Detox from booze, people, cell phones (well, mostly), work.
I’ve never been to La Manche provincial park, but I hear they have a suspension bridge. Can you imagine? A suspension bridge. Let’s hope I get some photos.