Here I am, short and sweet, because I am soon departing for my second vacation of the year…in Ottawa, Ontario. One week of good food and good booze, surrounded by some of the most incredible people on the planet…my extended family.


Not just ONE extended family, but TWO families. 


To reiterate:


My cousin from my father’s side of the family is getting married, so my entire drunken, redheaded family circle is headed to the nation’s capital to trash the place and leave the town flattened. Oh yes. Have you met these people?! I once got stoned in a shed with them. And ate beef jerky. We blessed my grandfather’s grave with a douse of Scotch.


But mostly I’ll be staying with my mother’s family, whom all somehow ended up in Ottawa. I’m not sure, because I rarely get to party with them, but I think they might all be a little nutty too. Plus they have pools. My cousin (who is also one of my best friends) is so happy to take me out, it’s like I’m her trophy. It’s just adorable. I literally can’t wait to meet her friends and roughly shake their hands while flaunting my thickest Newfie accent: “HOW YA GETTIN ON B’Y? HOW’D YOU LIKE A SCATTERED BEER NOW DA ONCE?”


Oh yeah, and both my mom and dad each have 12 brothers and sisters. Plus their kids. And their kids’ kids. Chaos ensues.


And I’m doing my best to put aside the work panic ebbing at my brain. At least for six days…because after this, I have no more vacation until 2011. It’s already been cleared with my financial advisor.


So the real reason I wrote this entry was to say I doubt I will have much time to update while I’m there, and this also makes me panic because I’ve established some sorta readership and I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU GUYS. You’re precious gems in a sea of crapiness. It’s nice to know someone is kinda interested in my life.
And I will have many pictures, I promise you that. And many stories. Adios!