Ok, I’m back. I haven’t slept in over a week. Why? Because I’ve been drunk. Super-smashed-face-loaded drunk.


I can honestly say Ottawa kicked my other vacations’ asses. Hard. Unfortunately, I don’t have the heart to update just yet…yes, I’m suffering from that dreaded Travel Hangover. Roll your eyes, it’s real, bitches. And it hurts, a lot. When you spend a week surrounded by some of the most incredible people on the planet, you realize what you’re missing when you’re not there. I am overcome with guilt (for not seeing enough of anybody) and anxiety and regret. And a terrible loneliness I’ve never felt before.


The trouble with having a big extended family is that you realize how much you have to lose. My family has recently been hit with an explosion of sequential bad news. Like fire from a machine gun. I’m afraid my family might start tumbling down around me, and I feel so helpless.


 I need to sleep and clear my head, so I can get to the exciting, upbeat stuff tomorrow. My GOD did we party! Here’s my recipe for Ottawa:

1 pound of BIRTHDAY AWESOMENESS and free tequila shots all night long

1 cup of family love (add alcohol for flavour)

½ cup of hangover induced vomiting

A tsp of martial bliss


 A dash of insanity

I blacked out shortly after this

I blacked out shortly after this