I started a gay list thing, to keep some goals in sight. I’m always a little nervous that I will be one of those people who “settle” for the marriage, the nuclear family, the fancy house. Those were things I never actually imagined for myself, but they increasingly become appealing. I still want to keep my larger-than-life goals in check, such as being a recognized writer and travelling the world. Or, you know, uncovering some fossils of a prehistoric bird creature and having it named after me. Whatever.


Twenty Before Thirty is the list, and wouldn’t ya know that I could only reach eight?! So suggest something spectacular for me, and I’ll consider it.


  1. Chill out in the Greek Islands for 10 days, soaking up the sun, making out with Greek men, eating Greek food, and getting in touch with some ancient history.
  2. Buy a home and redecorate it.
  3. Pay off my student loans.
  4. Get Lasik eye surgery and live the dream.
  5. Fall in love without being a needy, obsessive asshole.*
  6. Get a puppy, raise it properly, and not kill it.
  7. Publish at least five creative pieces of writing.
  8. Take French classes.


*I feel the need to defend myself on this one, because I’ll tell you a little secret: I have never been involved in a serious relationship. Nope. I have the worst case of commitment-phobia I have ever encountered. I have never called anyone my boyfriend, and anyone who has dared to come close has scared me off so successfully that I’ve begun to question my sexuality. In fact, there’s a 35 year old man waiting to see me this weekend (I met him in Ottawa), but I’d rather just avoid his texts.


Is this really all I want out of life? Really?


Books! I have an affinity towards pink-covered, girly shit.


The Gatecrasher – Madeleine Wickham


Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan – Sophie Kinsella



Apparently I am obsessed with Sophia Kinsella. I loved her other book Can You Keep a Secret?, so I assumed I would enjoy the Shopaholic series. She IS a talented writer, but holy fuck Rebecca Bloomwood is the most annoying literary character in the universe. GROW UP AND STOP BUYING SHIT YOU CRAZY WHORE. That is all.


P.S. Wickham is actually Kinsella’s real name, which I didn’t realize until after I read the book. Coincidence…or conspiracy? Perhaps I should make my reading list a little more protean.


P.P.S. I started adding Word of the Days to my entries again; guess which word I used this time.