My shithead roommate (acting out of the kindness of his heart I suppose), sent me an email yesterday titled “hi my name is Debbie downer.” Inside, he included this link:


So basically what you’re saying is that I’m doomed to be pale and pasty forever? That I’m pretty much GUARANTEED to get skin cancer because I’ve been using the bed?


This is unfortunate. Since I started tanning in preparation for Mexico, my attractiveness factor has increased by at least ten points. The opposite sex is way more attracted to me. I get complimented all the time. Plus I just love, love, love the fact that my legs are bronzed and my face isn’t dominated by freckles.


And now you’re telling me I have to give this all up?


Surely once a week for ten minutes isn’t bad…and I mean, I’ve gotta finish using my bottle of Australian Gold accelerator.


Any suggestions on a good, reasonably priced, self-tanning lotion?


Chef’s friends have arrived. TOR and I poured up a shot of crème liquer to celebrate the occasion, but five days of my being on social hiatus forced me to desperation. I just polished off two glasses of four-day old, uncorked wine from my fridge. I’m rather buzzed.


Home to the bay next weekend for four days. I cannot wait to see that shimmery stretch of water between the hills as we exit the highway.