Damn, it’s a good year in Candice-land.


Linlah over at Corn-Bean has handed me my very second award, much to my delight and awe and glee and I think I’m PMSing because I could cry right now.


Linlah holds a dear place in my heart because she was the VERY FIRST unknown (to me) commenter on my blog. I remember receiving the notification in my email and my eyes widening in mystification. WTF? Someone reads this shit?


I appreciate the fact that she hasn’t judged me, as many adults do. She’s also a pretty cool chick who bikes and takes stellar photographs. She’s got a sharp sense of humour and I dig that. Word.


Anyway, I’m supposed to pass this along, but I feel completely unworthy of doing so. I mean, I’m a fairly novice blogger, wtf do I know? Except I love you guys, and gosh I think you should know.


Instructions: You can’t tag the blogger that tagged you.  When you post about receiving this award make sure to include the person that gave you the award and link back to them. Select and post, with links, the five blogs you are awarding.   Then let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.  Last but not least list five addictions.  Seriously just FIVE  and while I’m sure some of you have more than 5 there’s just not enough time.


Blunt Delivery: I’m not just returning the favor, I think this girl is the coolest in all of Internet-land. She’s sassy and she’ll tell you like it is, plus she’s hot as balls. AND she has a kickass website AND she’s a talented writer. I’m pretty sure if I were a lesbian, I’d be all over her like grease on a Big Mac.


Lola Lakely: Her writing is so smooth and sharp that you’re instantly transfixed from the beginning of each entry. Plus she’s downright hilarious, and wears freakin’ Spongebob panties.


Bobby Pins Required: I don’t know her name, or barely anything about her, but she’s got a killer sense of style and she has an interesting dating life. I love the fact that I find her blog intriguing, although she rarely gives details about herself.


Uncorked: A hot blonde with a wild streak, need I say more? Her entries are always sweet and smart, and I’m fairly certain we’re soulmates.


Where Did All the Pecans Go?   The sweetest little Portuguese girl you will ever lay eyes on. She’s charming, good-natured and caring. Just how I like my friends.


GODDD I am officially surpassed my sappy level for the YEAR. I just gagged on my blueberries. CHRIST.



Booze: Because even one bottle of beer solves my problems, and I panic when I am low. I also conveniently moved next to a beer store.


Travel: My urge to travel is stronger than any motherly instinct, any desire to settle down, any need to feel safe and secure. When I leave home, I am happy. In the weeks following my return, I want to die.


New Book Smell: IT TURNS ME ON.


Cute Boy Smell: IT TURNS ME ON.


Chocolate: Like beer, in different situations.