It’s probably no big deal, but I feel like I’m a step closer to making my travel writing dreams come true.


I figure anything with “EXPERT” tacked to it makes me a little special. They’ve also named me “Today’s Traveler”.
Matador Travel is a travel community I’ve been involved in for awhile, and I’ve befriended a number of pretty respectable writers on the site. It’s a little bewildering. I mean, the senior editor told me he loved my writing, and my involvement with Matador. ME? I can’t even stand those old blog entries, they were all written in such a rush.


The thing is, I need to do this. I need to be a travel writer. I don’t care about anything else the world. I am at my happiest when travelling or preparing for travel. I miss the nightlife, the expectations, the excitement. I miss pubcrawls and meeting new people, wandering into museums, browsing art galleries, eating on the sidewalk. I devour travel literature. I am more determined than ever to make things happen, although I know it’s going to take a long time.


I think perhaps my first step is setting up an actual website. Which I keep talking about and never happens. I need more time and more sleep. Goddamn, I’m too tired to be witty today.