I walked into the house today after work to hear an extremely loud buzzing noise emitting from the kitchen.


On further investigation, I realized the stove was the source. The whole kitchen was practically vibrating with the noise, yet nothing was switched on. I dared not step too close, in case the unit would suddenly burst into flames or explode. (note: we do not have a gas stove).


I called Chef in a panic, told him to come home, and thought about calling the landlord. Then my friend showed up at the door. My dra’rs were all in a knot by that point, so I asked if she could hear the noise too.
My friend simply strolled in the kitchen, walked over to the stove, and switched off the timer.


And nothing exploded.


Weekend of Candice and J-Nurse begins tomorrow. Shhhhhh, liver. Be quiet and take it.