My favourite time of year is fast approaching…MARDI GRAS, St. John’s style, taking place at the end of October. For those who aren’t familiar, St. John’s folks will literally find any occasion to drink their face off, and Halloween is the excuse of all excuses. Girls dressed down in Playboy bunny outfits? Zombies and vampires roaming the street? Throw in a man dressed as one of the 300 guys and you’ve got one of my fantasies. Fuckkkk yeah.

Unfortunately, I may have reached my peak of good costumes. I’m completely stumped. I actually enjoy Mardi Gras more than Christmas, I’m not even joking. I anticipate this occasion year-round, and when it’s over, I mope for days. Last year, I made my very own Duff Woman costume:

I actually ran into Duff Man downtown, we danced. It didn't work out.

I actually ran into Duff Man downtown, we danced. It didn't work out.

The year before that, I was the crazy cat lady (I had absolutely no intention of running a Simpsons theme here, I swear):

crazy cat lady

So how the HELL do I top Duff Girl? I was thinking about going as Kelly, but I’m not sure everyone would get it. Plus it has to be just a little bit sexy; Mardi Gras is the one time I can justifiably get away with dressing like trash.

Anyway, V tagged me in a note a few days ago where I’m supposed to list five things that make me feel sexxxay.  I could maybe list about 40, for I am a sexual lion. Tiger? Panther? Who knows.

  1. Not having to wear glasses anymore. The sense of empowerment is amazing; today I actually flashed a smile at the cute, buff guy at the guy I’ve had my eye on for awhile OMG.
  2. Long hair. I love having it all swishy. Nothing feels better than wearing a tank top and having your hair tickling your back.
  3. Boobs. My boobs have been famous for awhile, they’re pretty nice.
  4. Being at the gym. Doesn’t matter if I have sweat blinding my eyes or my face is blood-red from the effort, I always feel fit at the gym.
  5. Strippers. Not joking. When I went to see strippers with the boys in July, I was touching my toes on the dance floor immediately after.

I’d tag five people, but I don’t know who would actually do this. So if you read this entry, do it, bitch.