Uhhh. Totally reconsidering my direction in life after this weekend.

Here’s what Friday night involved:
-Free booze

-DirtySailor climbing over a fence, falling, and possibly breaking his ribs

-Chef dropping the table on his foot, possibly breaking his toes

-Said table breaking in two, and Chef taking it outside and smashing it to smithereens

-Us no longer having a table

-Me waking up in the middle of the night and being violently ill…everywhere



Former 239 roomies, I love surrounding myself with beautiful men

Former 239 roomies, I love surrounding myself with beautiful men

We actually all went to bed at like, 1 a.m., because none of us could function. Totally unexpected. I was supposed to work at a cruise ship on Saturday morning, but fortunately it was cancelled. So I did what any reasonable person would do…I went shopping. I dropped some money on some pretty kickass Guess designer shades, because this new vision thing continues to blow my mind.

Saturday night, me and some lady friends went to a party, despite me being totally messed up. New development: besides one or two of my friends, I am the only single person left in my social circle. LAME. Lottie and I went to Lottie’s, with the intention of doing a “Lottie’s loop” (buy a drink, walk the course of the bar, leave). Instead, we ended up getting hammered, forcing the DJ to play “Shots” by Lil John, and danced our faces off.
No more drinking. Other than Winefest this weekend. Dammit.