I considered emailing this image along to the other Girl Guiders in my Rangers troop, but I wasn’t sure if they’d appreciate the humour. Lolz.





My life has literally been work – gym – write – sleep, with few breaks in between. That being said, I freaking love it. Website launch shall be coming soon; I’m trying to put together some creative ideas to generate more traffic. Any ideas? The Daily Skank, maybe? Tips on how to successfully scare away any man you wish to date? I’m pretty damned excited about this.


Fortunately, this week is all about reckless behaviour and scandal. Tonight, the roomies and I are hosting Wine Extravaganza: everyone contributes $20, we stock up on booze, and we drink our faces off. Ties and dresses, only. Pictures are promised.


I’m volunteering tomorrow at 11 a.m. with the Women’s Film Festival, decorating for the Motown-themed fundraiser taking place later in the evening. See, Internet? I do have a morally intact side, although the kind that shows up hungover with eyes incarnadine. However, I do get to participate in tomorrow night’s festivities, if only I could find a sequined/sparkly dress and feather boa combo.


Why do I do this to myself?


Anyway, didn’t post my new shades, but here they are. I’m thinking about collecting a series of photos like this based on every Facebook cliché in the book: sunglasses, kissy-faces, glossy lips, peace signs, long bangs, heavy eyeliner, small breasts, etc.

Forfeited groceries for these. Send me Timbits.

Forfeited groceries for these. Send me Timbits.