Sorry for the lack of content peeps, but I’m preparing for the epic launch of  THAT’S TANGLY. Actually, my friend is preparing for the epic launch, and he’s more or less my minion. Muhahahaha. Some final tweaking and titivating, and it’ll be good to go. Thanks, bro!

After my Wine Extravangza’s announcement to swear off booze, I was immediately coerced into participating in several boozey-events. Seriously.

  • Pubcrawl with Cubemate’s fiance’s workplace
  • Howie’s birthday bash
  • LMFAO concert
  • Mardi Gras
  • Plotting my friend’s bachelorette party

The last one is a particular concern, considering I happily volunteered to host and plan the party, but have never attended a bachelorette party in my life. I immediately seized the opportunity like one accepts a scholarship, except probably with more enthusiasm.

Also, Lottie introduced me to BookMooch today, probably the coolest new obsession in the world. Check it:

I’ve already gotten rid of The Shack by William P. Young. Score! If you decide to participate, my username is cjwalsh.

Finally, I leave you with this text message I received from Agent-T on her return journey from Jamaica, where she spent the week hopping around Hedonism resorts. I shit you not.

“I saw two grown woman go down on each other at the piano bar, I almost puked. Lots of old people naked too, hahaha.  And I felt a Jamaican man’s penis.”

I am obviously working in the wrong field.

Bachelorette party ideas, girls? Help a friend out.