Every time I come here, I’m amazed by all the space.


I could write a book about exploring the Coast of Bays area, even just around my town, and I would still never see half of what this area has to offer (except I think Farley Mowat already did that). Hidden coves and beaches and abandoned establishments and lakes and rivers and hills.




The journey is endless. The road just stretches on and on forever. The land is so abundant, people are building needlessly grandiose houses for under $50-K; the kind of houses that would sell for $500-K in St. John’s, and double that anywhere else in Canada. They’re crowding out the world.


Then there’s the puzzling mystery of why, after 23 years, I still don’t have a fucking clue how I feel about this place.


I left my laptop in St. John’s, so I’m seriously lagging behind on the commentary. Will catch up tomorrow! I’ve missed you all.