So yesterday after work I went to my salon to get a $50 make-up lesson, which included $50 of free make-up (actually, wouldn’t that mean the lesson was free, not the make-up? Whatever.). I was sweating like a whore on dollar day, so I had to cool down a bit before the lesson.

I told the artist I was mostly interested in eye make-up, seeing as how I have blonde eyelashes and cannot live without mascara because I end up looking like a translucent albino ginger. So she did a really cool smoky effect with  my eyes, using brown eyeliner, gold eyeshadow and beige eyeshadow. I loved it. She also applied this killer lipgloss that just made me want to do the duckface to everyone on the street.

Anyway, so as she’s putting together my goods, she asks me if I want the blush too.

“Is that going to be covered under the $50?” I asked.

“Well, you could just pay the difference,” she said.

I assumed that meant the rest she was gathering was indeed covered under the cost, so I politely declined the blush.

When I got up to the counter to pay, all glowy and pretty and batting my new eyelashes, the clerk charged me $126. I almost fainted. We stared at each other. I handed over my credit card.

Only after I left did I realize OMG I just paid $126 for FUCKING MAKE-UP?! $126??!!! All I got was a brush, two eyeshadows, lipgloss and eyeliner. FUCKING SHIT.

In hindsight, I should have went back to return it. I mean, the lesson was great and the make-up is incredible, but I’m pretty sure I could feed a starving family for a month somewhere with that money. But alas, I’m too cowardly. I accept the make-up with shame.

If I had bought this a few days earlier, I could have at least blogged for Blog Action Day or whatever the shit it’s called, cuz all the products are 87% organic. I guess that’s ONE thing that makes me feel better about it. Except not really because $126??!!!!

Here’s my supermodel pose:

Yeah, not even $126 could reverse this disaster.

Yeah, not even $126 could reverse this disaster.

And here are my turtle slippers:

Absolutely no relevance to this blog entry.

Absolutely no relevance to this blog entry.

And now I’m off to a pubcrawl in the middle of a hurricane, without proper boots or a coat. I have to wait another month to buy these things because $126??!!!!!!!!! I actually could only buy half of my groceries today. I am so fucked.