Well, I do believe the onslaught of the swine is upon me. Ironic, non? I was in the heart of Mexico when the outbreak occurred, and I was fine. Now that I’m back on the island, it’s like IMPENDING DOOM is lurking. Everywhere. My mother and I just got in a vicious fight about whether or not to get the vaccine. I say “no,” she says “yes.”  Then she said I had no respect for her and disappeared offline.


I’m incredibly ill today, so I can’t put the effort into this blog post as I’d like to. So I’ll copy over what I started last night, which is first a big “thank-you” to Cammy (again!) over at Classroom Confessions for honouring me with another award. Such kind words! She’s lovely.

Over the Top!

Thanks, Cammy!

I’m supposed to answer these gripping questions about myself. I wrote these last night, FYI. I’m not actually sitting here on my lunch break without a bra.

1. Where is your cell phone: On the coffee table being lonely.
2. Your hair: Stays straight now that I’m living in the north pole.
3. Your mother: Is the strongest person I know. She also thinks I’m useless as tits on a nun.
4. Your father: Is a lumberjack with incredible artistic skills.
5. Your favorite food: NACHOSSSSS.
6. Your dream from last night: NACHOSSSS.
6. Your favorite drink: Uh. Do you read my blog?
7. Your dream/goal: Travel. Make a difference. Not have debt.
8. What room are you in: The living room, wrapped up in a blanket on the futon. Maybe I should invest in a snuggie. Then again, I wear a friggen robe backwards and save myself the money.
9. What is your hobby: Writing. Travel.
10. What is your fear: I won’t accomplish the things I need to accomplish.
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Married, on a plane flying to my next destination.
12. Where were you last night: Home alone, catching up on some episodes of House.
13. Something you are not: Drunk.
14. Muffins: Chocolate chip kind, with 40 grams of fat.
15. Wish list items: Some Dior perfume.
16. Where did you grow up: Bay d’Espoir, NL.
17. Last thing you did: Your mom.
18. What are you wearing: My IWFF volunteer shirt is on backwards, and pjs. No undies. Scandal.
19. Your TV: Is turned to Peachtree TV. WTF came up with the name of this station?
20. Your pets: Only Jetson now, my evil cat who likes to eat my fingers.
21. Your friends: Are the greatest people in the whole wide world.
22. Your life: Freaking awesome.
23. Your mood: Bone-deep exhaustion.
24. Missing someone: My family.
25. Vehicle: Two feet and some ugly boots.
26. Something you’re not wearing: A bra, dr’ars.
27. Your favorite store: Sirens, for real.
28. Your favorite color: BLUE.
29. When’s the last time you laughed: Probably something during a convo with Lottie.
30. When’s the last time you cried: Watching Crackie on Saturday.
31. Your best friend: Too many to pinpoint.
32. One place you go over and over: My cube, and Mustang Sally’s.
33. One person who emails me regularly: Coworkers, especially those lovely ones in Seattle.
34. Favorite place to eat: MUSTANG SALLY’S. The cheese, oh the cheese!

Alright, now to tag six bloggers (I’m sorry I can’t gush more, everything hurts):

Corn-Bean: Because she has an exceptional, conversational voice.

Blunt Delivery: I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t give her an award yet (or did I?), but considering the one she gave me, I wish I had something a little more creative/original.

Blonde Monde: Two girls blogging about their dating triumphs/disasters. They’re awesome.

MidLife Mommy: I admit, I don’t read a lot of Mommy Bloggers, but she’s hella cool. Word.

Nashe: Hopefully she doesn’t have this award already. She’s wicked sweet, and one of my long-term followers.

J @TwentySomethings: One of my recent blog loves, she’s “bitter” but “always fun”. Sound familiar?

Seriously, I love all my followers. One day, when I take over the Internets, you will all receive awards from me, and they will be of the highest caliber, more appreciated than the Nobel Peace Award. But without the million-dollar bonus.

So, I deleted the post I wrote last night. Thanks V, Cammy and Kris for your feedback/shake back to reality. I’m a wiener, it cannot be denied. Anyway, it was just me blabbing about my lack of direction, but MOSTLY, I need to ask this question: is it possible to incorporate a travel section into a personal website?

My friend Chris says “no”, that the content would conflict…and I think he might be right. Starting up two different sites might also be more beneficial to me as sycophant. While I’m busy latching onto people and networking, I can keep my personal life somewhat separate. Unless you want to get involved with this hot mess of a train wreck.

On the other hand, does this mean I have to buy a whole new friggen domain? I’m drowing people, drowning.

Dammit. This launch is gonna be more difficult than I thought.