I stayed home today terrified that I was developing THE SWINE, but I’m apparently just too exhausted to function.  So I took a rest day. What did I do? Nothing. I watched The Tyra Banks Show and wondered what kinda drugs she smokes. Because I want some.


No writing accomplished. Nothing. Did I tell you my Halloween costume yet? Well I’m not gonna.


Stardust – Neil Gaiman


I haven’t read any fantasy genre books in for-freaking-ever, but this one was unique and fresh and I ate it up like cherry pie. I love Gaiman’s adult approach. Harry Potter doesn’t have sex with faeries, but freaking Tristan Thorne does.  ****/*****


Also, I want to thank all you guys for your lovely comments ALL THE TIME. I don’t know if anyone else gets some sorta sick, perverse thrill when they open their email to find comments of adoration, but man, I do. In case you couldn’t tell from my cleverly written innuendos, I’m a little confused about life. Having people who like to read about me makes me feel better.


AND, in case you missed it, here’s my Twilight rant, which I feel totally deserves to resurface since I didn’t have any followers before.