Things found in my purse

I pulled this beauty out of my purse the other night and stared at it momentarily stunned. Then I recalled how my bisexual friend and I were splitting a cab downtown, and she was ranting about her recent boy break-up and how she wanted to date a woman next. Her problem, she claims, is that she would be the “bull-dyke” in the relationship, and she just can’t have that.

As we were paying, the cabbie pulled out two free tickets to the strip bar and handed them to us, saying: “I thought you ladies might enjoy these.”


Someone recently questioned why I dubbed my blog “That’s Tangly.” You see, I live in a world called Newfoundland, where words are invented and distorted and reshaped, and so most of the time I have no freaking clue if I’m speaking real English or Newfie English. For me, “tangly” means “messy,” “disorganized,” and “chaotic.” “Tangled.” So when something goes awry, or if I find myself in a weird situation where my head is about to explode, I refer to it as being “tangly.”

In a nutshell, I’m very much tangly.

Another word: “deadly.” This word is used to express positive feedback about something, i.e. “That’s a deadly song!” or “Deadly website, man!” Is this just a Newfie word? Does anyone else use this word in day-to-day speech?
I think when my new blog gets set up I’ll do a video explaining how to properly use the word “b’y”. The possibilities are endless.