After much tears, laughter, smiles and heartache…Candice Does the World is finally live!

(That’s a total lie, my incredibly talented friend Shaun set the whole thing up in a matter of days and I just sat back and gave directions. The result? Pure fucking awesomeness.)

Really excited about this, I had the most insane case of the butterflies before I made the announcement. I really hope I can set up something unique, and I realy hope I can keep cranking out content as I’m not exactly travelling right now. But I think it’ll be cool to follow me as I plot my RTW trip for a few years. Sigh.
So check it out, give me some feedback, and set up some subscriptions will ya? I’m hoping to monetize this one. Now all that’s left is That’s Tangly to officially launch! Yis!

In other news, I completely forgot to mention that Meg at Lost in Thought honoured me with this award:

Thanks, Meg! I meant to mention this earlier, but was swept up in the mass confusion of my life. Check out her blog, I’m a big fan. I find reading online very difficult at times, but Meg has somehow perfected the flow of online writing so that I’m always immediately swept up in her posts. Does that make sense? She’s an all around great person with some pretty awesome travel stories too.

TOR and I are currently camped out on the futon watching the Victoria’s Secret Runway Competition thingy. If there is ANYTHING to make me want to stick a finger down my throat, this is it. Damn. I’d do all these girls. Twice.

I spent last night assembling gingerbread houses, baking cookies and making crafts with the Rangers. We totally bit off more than we could chew…by the time we left, my leader’s dinette was entirely coated in flour and candy. I don’t know where this woman gets her energy. Anyway, it did a lot to revive some Christmas spirit, as did coming downstairs tonight to find TOR surrounded by pretty wrapping paper and colourful ribbon. I have this weird fascination with wrapping presents. I’m a pro. I’d wrap my entire office space if I could. And I did. Last year.

I’m opening bets on how much sleep I’ll get tonight. I’m guessing five hours.