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Wow, you guys rock my pants off, which is awkward because TOR is sitting next to me trying to watch the hockey game. I had no idea that last post would elicit such genuine concern about the well-being of my social life, but there you have it. I could nearly taste the panic. To clarify, folks, I won’t be cutting out my social life entirely. I’ll now be getting sloshed just once a week, as opposed to two. Seriously, that’s my idea of banning a social life. There are exceptions, of course.


So, the big news! Two days ago I received an email from David Miller, the senior editor at Matador, asking if I would like to join the team as an associate editor. I remember clicking down through my emails that morning at work, glancing at that subject briefly, and moving on…only to have this “WTF?” moment, and immediately scrolling back. I’m still having random “WTF?” moments all over the place, including random bouts of happiness which cause me to dance down my stairs at 8:00 a.m. In my pyjamas.


I’m still waiting for them to catch on and realize I’m not actually that smart, I just receive Daily Word emails from


Anyway! I’m incredibly excited, and unbelievably happy to be a part of such a kick-ass team. The whole thing is a little daunting right now, but if I can write technical manuals for software defined sonar, dammit, I can do this.


Friends, I think it’s safe to say I can cross off #9 on my 20 Before 30 list. I love life.


In other news, I’m also interning for Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt. It’s an unpaid position, but Matt is one ambitious fellow and I want to learn everything I can from him. Should be interesting.


With all this going on, and knowing now that I have more followers and I’m working with a team of incredibly bright people, I really feel like going back through all my old blog crap and deleting it. I’ve resolved to handling my writing more slowly and carefully. I tend to just spew words out on paper since I’m always pressed for time, but I have to work on that.


I’m also mad hating on this blog, and I’m super anxious to get the new site up and running so I can have a more professional (hah!) environment to work with, and I’m really looking forward to adding dozens more of you people to my blogroll. But my website designer seems to be MIA for whatever reason, and That’s Tangly was supposed to launch two weeks ago. He’s a friend of mine, so I trust him, I just hope everything’s okay. I’ve also decided to launch a separate travel website in addition to my blog, so I can have a place to reflect on just travel-related topics. Like starting a Global Pubcrawl.


There you have it! I really hope I can do a good job with this, and I’m going to try super hard. And if that means having to cut out some of my gym time…well, perhaps I’ll just cut out sleep instead.


I did it.

I have been published.

I have officially entered the world of a travel writer. I have actually accomplished a small part of my dream. I have received nothing but amazing comments and words of congratulations. I can’t stop grinning. At one point today I sat back in my chair and I wanted to bawl with the happiness of it all, my GOD!

I need a fucking drink.

Thank-you, Matador Travel, for giving an amateur a shot! Dedicated followers, I know I’ve said it before, but go check out the site. A more supportive, dedicated community of writers could not possibly exist.

Also, meet Baby Candice Jr. the Fifth, complete with sub woofer and shiny keys:

My ticket to the world. And porn.

My ticket to the world. And porn.

Don’t flout me for the messy workspace. Where mostly I paint my fingernails with clear polish.

SO SHINY. And it comes with a remote control, although I don’t why. I’m finally able to download music again! And porn. And set up a webpage. Which brings me to my request: what are you listening to these days?

My only problem with this laptop is that the screen is too clear. Every time a page dims, I catch sight of my double-chin in the reflection. Jesus, I hope nobody ever hacks my webcam. Braless, disheveled Candice with two-chins. Nightmares ensue.

Anyway, here’s some more jewels from the weekend.


Oh wait a second, shots don't have ice in them.

Oh wait a second, shots don't have ice in them.

So I take this picture and then shoot my drink. After proudly slamming the glass onto the counter, I notice everyone staring at me peculiarly.

“Did you just shoot that?” says Chef.
“You do realize this is scotch on the rocks.”

Some words from my Mother:

mom said (11:27 AM):
Packing my false teeth.  ahaha
got two sets, which set do i wear today. Hard decision.

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