I did it.

I have been published.

I have officially entered the world of a travel writer. I have actually accomplished a small part of my dream. I have received nothing but amazing comments and words of congratulations. I can’t stop grinning. At one point today I sat back in my chair and I wanted to bawl with the happiness of it all, my GOD!

I need a fucking drink.

Thank-you, Matador Travel, for giving an amateur a shot! Dedicated followers, I know I’ve said it before, but go check out the site. A more supportive, dedicated community of writers could not possibly exist.

Also, meet Baby Candice Jr. the Fifth, complete with sub woofer and shiny keys:

My ticket to the world. And porn.

My ticket to the world. And porn.

Don’t flout me for the messy workspace. Where mostly I paint my fingernails with clear polish.

SO SHINY. And it comes with a remote control, although I don’t why. I’m finally able to download music again! And porn. And set up a webpage. Which brings me to my request: what are you listening to these days?

My only problem with this laptop is that the screen is too clear. Every time a page dims, I catch sight of my double-chin in the reflection. Jesus, I hope nobody ever hacks my webcam. Braless, disheveled Candice with two-chins. Nightmares ensue.

Anyway, here’s some more jewels from the weekend.


Oh wait a second, shots don't have ice in them.

Oh wait a second, shots don't have ice in them.

So I take this picture and then shoot my drink. After proudly slamming the glass onto the counter, I notice everyone staring at me peculiarly.

“Did you just shoot that?” says Chef.
“You do realize this is scotch on the rocks.”

Some words from my Mother:

mom said (11:27 AM):
Packing my false teeth.  ahaha
got two sets, which set do i wear today. Hard decision.